Hey, I'm Katie and I'm twenty years old. I am a nerdfighter and a huge John Green fan, I reblog things I enjoy, mostly from Sherlock, Supernatural, Mavel Comics/Movies, Doctor Who, RWBY, Bob's Burgers, How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, Rooster Teeth and things that make me smile. :)

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in what fucking situation do you ever need this picture for




i will piss on your sofa

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I’ve been laughing for 20 years


Dear tumblr staff,

stop. its ok. you don’t need to do these things. just focus on functionality(like the video player). we don’t need these little updates when somethings(like the video player) need your focus. thank you for your time but really, tumblr looks great. try to fix more important things(like the video player) so that we can all properly enjoy the features of tumblr(like the video player)

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This is so important



bisexual and pansexual people are actually made of stardust and flames and are immortal pass it on

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Guys will never understand the joy of having your period a week before you travel.

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if you were a fruit you’d be a fineapple

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me when buying something over $10: do i need this? do i need any material objects? will this matter when i face the great abyss?

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All I want right now is Oreos and the presence of some friends

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